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Special Projects
One of the joys of working in our field is having the opportunity to work on some very special projects. Over the years we have worked with a number of artists and specialist fabricators to produce wonderful architectural steelwork and commissioned art pieces.
We have built up a reputation with our customers for knowing how to make beautiful ideas turn into reality. Our knowledge of rolling and bending techniques means we can offer an invaluable resource to artists, sculptors and architects, giving them steel forming capabilities that produce the pieces they need.

Fabricators come to us to get all sorts of weird and wonderful profiles and materials curved.
Sculpture in stainless steel box section.
Sculpture in steel tube
Sculpture in steel tube at The Jubilee Forest, Whitehead - photo courtesy of Kevin Killen.
Stained Glass Window
Stained glass panels set into steel tee bar dome frame.
Patterson Ring Rolling, 37 Nutts Corner Road, Crumlin, BT29 4SQ.
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